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Kensington Place Association, Inc. 

The Kensington Place Association, Inc. is a home owners association (HOA) governed by a 6 - member Board of Trustees, elected by the membership. The Board of Trustees is charged with maintaining, preserving and enhancing the common green areas and sidewalks of the Association and enforcing the covenants to preserve the appearance of the development. The Board is responsible for making insurance, maintenance, financial and contractual decisions on behalf of the Association.

Trustees are volunteers who must balance their positions on the board with their role as a homeowner. They serve as board members and neighbors. What is presented and expected from you is presented and expected from the Trustees.

The Kensington Place Association Board of Trustees will provide ethically and fiscally responsible solutions to optimize property values, and ensure that Kensington Place continues to be a highly desirable community.

Things the Board of Trustees has no authority: TV reception, power outages, barking dogs, speeding vehicles, and children behaving badly.

Board of Trustees

  • Matt Roberson - President
    Term - 2025
  • Tony Long - Vice President
    erm - 2021
  • Renee Young - Secretary
    Term - 2025
  • Tyler Frysinger - Treasurer
    Term - 2024
  • Carole Greenzalis - Member at Large
    Term - 2026
  • David Bose - Member at Large
    Term - 2024
  • Jake Miller - Member at Large
    Term - 2026
  • Board of Trustee Qualifications includes:  Must be a HOA member of good standing, willing to attend all regularly scheduled monthly board meetings and do work supporting HOA activities of 1 to 3 hours per month on average.

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The HOA uses a management company to handle administrative matters and financial transactions, but the management company plays no role in the decision making or governance process of the HOA.

Management for Kensington Place Association, Inc.:

Manager: Barbara Bitler

Towne Properties
777A Dearborn Park Lane,
Worthington, OH 43085

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