Official Documents other than Deed Restrictions. Includes By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, Ohio Revised Code, Complaint Form, and Architectural Review

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Ohio Revised Code

Ohio Revised Code 

Chapter 5312: Ohio Planned Community Law

The first and highest in authority is the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 5312: Ohio Planned Community Law. Any planned community in this state is subject to this chapter. The developer is required to file and record a Declaration and Bylaws for that planned community in the office of the recorder of the county or counties in which the planned community is located.

Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 5312: Ohio Planned Community Law:   PDF

Articles of Incorporation

The Ohio Revised Code defines a non-profit corporation as "a corporation which is not formed for the pecuniary gain or profit of, and whose net earnings or any part thereof is not distributable to, its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons.” 

"The Articles of a Non-profit Corporation” must set forth:
- The name of the corporation;
- The place in this state where the principal office of the corporation is to be located;
- The purpose or purposes for which the corporation is formed;
- The names and addresses of not less than three natural persons who are to be initial trustees.

Kensington Place Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation in the state of Ohio.

Ohio Secretary of State Corporation Details for Kensington Place Association, Inc.    ACCESS



The Bylaws is a document that provides for the operation of the association. It establishes policies and procedures for the governing of an association. The Bylaws set qualifications for the election of the board of directors, their number and term of office, their powers and duties, the appointment of officers, when and how meetings are held, quorum and voting requirements, and appointment of committees. The Bylaws are filed with the office of the Delaware County Recorder.  Current By-Laws: 

  • 1996 Kensington Place By-Law - PDF

Complaint Form

 Deed Restriction Violation Process
The complaint process is designed to assist the homeowner in resolving a deed restriction violation in the neighborhood. Remember, the Association can only enforce the deed restrictions and anything else outside of those parameters must be dealt with between the homeowner and the city of Delaware.
To file a complaint related to a deed restriction violation, download and complete the form. PDF
Mail, email or fax competed form with any photos to:
Kensington Place Association, Inc.
c/o Towne Properties
777-A Dearborn Park Lane, Worthington, Ohio, 43085
Fax: 614-781-0832
Questions: 614-781-0055 

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