Trash and Recycling

Help to keep our neighborhood and city clean

Reuse and Recycle Options

Municipal Solid Waste, more commonly known as trash or garbage, consists of everyday items we use and then discard, such as product packaging, plastic containers, glass bottles, grass clippings, furniture, clothing, food scraps, newspapers, appliances, paint, and batteries. The method you chose to discard items you no longer can use or want can make a big difference in our natural resources, energy, and trash bills.

We have all heard “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” at one time or another. Did you know that the more waste you throw in the trash, the more you will pay? That is because the city has to pay per ton to dump the trash into a landfill. Now, consider recycling. Did you know that the city gets paid for the recyclable materials they send to markets? The materials in the recycling stream are used to make new materials, thus using less natural resources and energy to make the same from virgin materials. These materials are bought from the city and thus helps to offset the trash costs. So, wouldn’t it make sense to recycle as much as you can and dispose the least amount possible? 

City of Delaware Curbside Recycling accepts…

  • All kinds of paper, newsprint, magazines, phone books, cardboard and chipboard
  • Glass containers of any color, plastics #1 and #2, aluminum cans, foil and pie pans, bi-metal (tin and steel)
  • Yard waste – must be bagged and bundled and tied

City of Delaware also offers residential bulk item pick-up.

How About Reusing Items?

Here are some organization to help

Delaware Creative Housing - The mission is to assure that all people with disabilities have accessible housing that meets their needs. DCH takes donated ambulatory equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds and provide to those in need.
437 Dunlap St., Delaware, OH 43015

Furniture Bank of Central Ohio will pickup of used furniture to provide to those in need.  
118 South Yale Avenue, Columbus, OH 43222-1360

Takes clothing, shoes, toys, home decorations, appliances, or furniture.
1135 Columbus Pike, Delaware, OH 43015

Schedule a pick up of clothing, electronics, small appliances, small furniture, books, toys, tools, kitchen utensils, antiques, and much more.
5714 Columbus Square, Columbus, OH 43231

Habitat for Humanity – Takes furniture, hardware, tools, cabinets, appliances, plumbing, housewares, garden items, lighting, lumber.
305 Curtis Street, Delaware, OH 43015

Consignment shop for women and teens
8 N. Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH

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